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If your company is looking for SD-WAN vendors, this is the place to start. A software
defined wide area network is a method of virtualizing WAN connections to enable cost
redundancy and flexibility. We directly represent the top SD-WAN solution.
Most businesses with multiple sites have connectivity like a MPLS network and many
do not have 
automated network redundancy. A SD-WAN has the ability to offload
bandwidth from existing MPLS and private lines while enabling optimization and
automated failover in the event of a connection failure.

Let us show you how you can have fully meshed office to office connectivity with 24/7
uptime between offices with a surprising low cost. With an optimized SD-WAN, dynamic
routing functionality will always pick the best path for mission critical applications.

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MPLS is well known for its performance and quality of service, but MPLS does not incorporate
end-to-end network redundancy. In the event of a outage, your entire network could fail, which
could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our SD-WAN technology is patent tested and validated
in Federal court. Only our solution supports Hybrid SD-WAN that maximizes bandwidth efficiency
through best path routing. Unlike other solutions our technology does not backhaul all network traffic
 to some remote data center and does not have to duplicate packets across every connection,
which reduces bandwidth.

The features of our solution include: Site2Site Tunneling, Dynamic QoS /Traffic Shaping, Deep
Path Inspection, Instant Internet Failover, Internet Bonding, Internet Caching, Best Path Routing,
Real-Time Network Reporting, and Secure WAN Firewall.

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